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Back online after a short hiatus!

I switched on the computer today at home after 7 days. I didn't check my mails, Facebook & orkut updates and not even the emails. The reason being simple: I didn't feel like doing that. I guess it happens to me once in a while where I don't feel like even switching on the computer. Just carried on living a life outside the web. Yes, it is possible folks, you can also try it out!

It is easier to avoid getting online on weekdays as you would anyways have lot of things to do. But during the weekends you invariably end up sitting in front of the computer trying to read all the facebook updates, updating the blog, checking and replying to emails and in bargain gaining few choice words from the wife. Ennathan panniviyo intha computer munnale ukkanthu.. konjam paiyyan kooduyum time spend panna ennavam? (Dont know what you do sitting in front of the computer the whole day.. can spend some time with the boy instead) is the normal refrain. Possibly true, as I end up sitting in front of the computer for a good 3 hours or so every time I log in. Even now, I am sitting online for the last 45 minutes! I don't have the habit of finishing things in a swift manner, particularly online.


Anand said...

Life isn't the same without internet, particularly for people living outside India .

I am too addicted to it. The first thing I do in the mroning after brushing is switching on laptop. You feel you did lose the whole world on days when there are problems with your service.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Anand: I know.. it is kind of an addiction to read every fb update and check out all blogs and sites for updates from your favourites list. But when I did the last week, I think I didnt miss much. It definitely opens up other interests.. would suggest to try it out atleast during one of the weekends.

Suresh Iyer said...

We are living in an age of information overload. I definitely think we need to moderate it a bit, otherwise we are going to lose our personal self in this onslaught.

By the way, the break seems to have done a world of good to you; you have been so prolific after the hiatus! Keep going.


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