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Do we have a better chance of winning the first test against Australia?

Harbhajan Singh doubtful for Mohali Test

I think without Harbhajan, India has a better chance in the first test.  I am a strong critic of Harbhajan Singh over the last couple of years as he looks like he has lost his skills.  He has lost his flight, bounce and subtle variations in length.  What he does well now is that he bowls very fast and flat and oftens comes with short pitched outside the off/leg stump deliveries. Bowling fast and flat may be very handy in a T20 and to some extent one-day internationals, but Test match is a different ball game, altogether.  It is great labour to watch Harbhajan bowl in tests in the recent past for 40 or more overs.  He looks pathetic, pedesterian and clueless.  What happened to a great talent of this Punjab legend, without which, undoubtedly he would not have managed to capture 300 odd test wickets.  Harbhajan Singh has to go back to the basics if he has to be a lethal force, he used to be.  But I dont see any present day Indian Cricketer wants to do that, leave alone Harbhajan. 

Australians are very good in psychological warfare.  They have already queered the pitch by planting comments in the media that they fear Harbhajan and Sehwag the most.  By including Harbhajan's name, they are indirectly adding pressure on the Indian think-tank to include him the playing XI, which in my humble opinion, doesn't merit.  Murali Karthik, who has done well in the English County can also be considered but at 34, he is not going to be the first choice.  The other alternatives like Pragyan Ojha, Amit Mishra and Piyush Chawla have been tried and tested with mediocre results. 

The Test Selectors should blood R Ashwin who is in great form currently,  in the first test.  It's time we give the player a chance when he is at the top. 

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