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Welcome relief, though temporary, from bulk sms menance

Due to the impending Ayodhya verdict, the Govt. of India has banned the bulk sms by the telecom operators.  This ban is effective from 23 Sep to 29 Sep.  Oh, what a relief it is, I say!  No SMS from anybody except for the odd one.  Otherwise, I receive close to some 40 sms everyday ranging from yellow water conversion, to equity advisory to housemaids.  The most notorious of them all is the equity advisory tips which I receive from entities which I dont have any relation or never done business with them.  The names run like Bull trade, Vimal Stocks, Dream Gains, Sure trade, First Call and so many like that.  I dont know how these guys got my number but with a very porous system like what we have in India it is no big deal to get hold of numbers.  I myself receive many messages saying that the database of 2 lakh Chennai HNI's (!) available for Rs1500/- or so!!!!

So it is a welcome break from these troublesome SMS and I am enjoying it!!!

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