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Endhiran - a milestone in Tamil Cinema, no Indian Cinema!!

At last managed to watch Endhiran couple of weeks back at Kamala Theatre. A lot has been already written about Endhiran in various blogs and websites.  Hardly anything left now.  But I will not leave this chance to write about Endhiran as I liked the movie.  It is a true entertainer, of course, every Rajni movie is an entertainer.

Why should you watch Endhiran:

Rajni's acting skills:  This film is true testimony to Rajni's acting skills.  I think he has acted very well, particularly when he comes as the "Robot".  I never once felt during the entire movie, that it is Rajni, who is doing that character.  I think there can't be a better tribute to his acting than this.  Rajni has done splendidly well in both the Chitti's, when he appears as Chitti 1, a soft and lovable Robot and as Chitti 2 when it behaves like a rogue Robot.  Hats off to Rajni!!

Shankar's imagination:  This film is on par with other Hollywood fantasy movies.  Shankar's imagination is very fertile and contemporary as well.  Good that he has taken the movie in 2010 rather than in 2000, when he originally planned it with Kamal in the lead. If it had been released in 2000, I think it would not have been this successful.

Graphic work: Shankar's penchant for graphics is well known from his Gentleman days.  This film is his peak with regard to the graphics.  Wonderfully created by the Stanwinston Studios (not sure if this is the right name)

Rajni's Make-up: Wow!! I don't have words to describe the make-up on Robot Rajnis.  Wonderful!!

Other Technical aspects:  From Music to Editing to photography is well done.  You don't see any glitches and syncs perfectly together.  AR Rahaman's songs, is very popular now compared to the initial days after the launch.  I think all ARR's songs gets popular with a lag.  More we hear, more we like.  Special mention about the costumes in this film.  Famous fashion choreograhpher, Manish Malhotra is the costume designer, and it shows in every frame.  Rajni's costumes are awesome. 

Things which would have different:

No scope for others:  This is a Rajni's film from start to end.  Can you believe in almost all the scenes there is one Rajni or the other.  There is no scope or role for other actors.  Case in point is the complete wastage of Santhanam and Karunas.  Hardly get any dialogues to speak, leave alone scope for acting or comedy.  If Santhanam claims that he has acted in Rajni's movie Endhiran, it is bullshit!!

Age-factor: Rajni is no youngster, we all know.  But it is so obvious when he plays the character of Dr Vaseegaran, the scientist in the movie.  Rajni looks awkwardly old with wrinkles appearing on his face and neck.  The care and attention in the make up of Robot Rajni is not taken for Dr Vaseegaran's character.  Rajni looks old and pale. Boss, you are getting old.  Please act few more films in the next couple of years.

Length of the movie: Shankar, I guess got carried away by his graphics during the fag end of the movie and forgotten completely there is an activity called editing.  Towards the end, the film sags and I felt it would have been a better product if Shankar has reduced the length by 10 minutes or so.

Overall, it is a must watch movie.  Hats off to Shankar and the faith Sun Pictures had on him.  Truly a milestone in Indian cinema and in Rajni's career.

Don't miss it for God's sake!!


Anonymous said...

The review is too good.The care and attention in the make up of Chitti is not taken for Vaseegaran, because he is a scientist and not a play boy character :-)


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Vinay: Thanks for dropping in.. I agree that Dr Vaseegaran is not a glamorous character.. but as a Rajni fan, I don't want to see his sagging skin and wrinkled face.. could have been better managed..

Anonymous said...

Yes..I fully agree with you:-)))