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Toasted bread and Rasam for breakfast - have you tried it?

Have you ever tried a toasted bread with Rasam.  I did yesterday, thanks to the Missus.  To start with when it was offered as the morning "tiffin" (டமில்ஸ் "டிபன்" என்று படிக்கவும்), was not very happy but grudgingly accepted it.  You also get a recommendation from the Missus that it would be nice, a completely loaded statement!! Haven't you ever tried it? No, in the last ten years.  How can you take your Missus recommendation for breakfast at face value?

There is always an element of suspicion that this "toasted bread and rasam" offer is a short-cut to escape the drudgery of getting into a full-scale "tiffin" preparation.  So when the bowl came with some 10 toasted bread slices and a big cup of rasam, I was giving a valiant smile and question why 10 toasted bread slices? You learn sweetly that half of that should go to the son and comes with the added responsibility of ensuring that he eats it as well.  You are going to try it for the first time in your life and here you have this!! Son, finicky with everything you eat, (finicky is an understatement) smiles at you sitting across the table. 

I started trying out the vicious combination first on myself before inflicting any gastrointestinal issues to the Son.  But then it tasted very different and I really enjoyed it.  Why I didn't try it for so long or why my Missus never offered me this so long?

The bread should be toasted to brown in colour and accompanied by piping hot rasam, preferably "thelinda" (தெளிந்த) rasam.  Tomato rasam goes well with bread but other genres of rasam should also just do fine.  Remember not to apply "butter" to the bread, because that defeats the purpose of careful eating.  White breads are better than Wheat bread. 

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!!

PS: Son finished the plate before me without any prodding.  So this recipe is successful across age groups!!

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