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Series chronicling Tuticorin and its unique identities

The most recurring thoughts I have these days is about the possibility of going back to live in a small town. The alluring thing about the small towns are its convenience, lesser pollution, shorter commute to work and home, societal relationships and of course, the cost of living as we all know. Beyond there is also an element called the memories I carry from that place. My thoughts around these gets particularly heightened when there is a Pongal or Diwali and I see many of my colleagues pack their bags to go to their home-towns like Nagapattinam or Tiruvarur or Udumalapet or Melur or somthing like that. Those days makes me think about the lovely time spent in my hometown when I grew up.

There are few memories which are hard to erase even after so many years. In this series, I want to chronicle few of them just for the sheer excitement I get when I think about them. The things I am going to chronicle are on the competition between two tailors in the town, about the "Coffee-bars" and the bakeries of Tuticorin.

The first of the series is going to be on the two tailors who dominated the town in the late 1980's and early 1990's, New Prince Tailors and New Shape Tailors. The second one should be about the most famous coffee bar of 1980's and 90's, Vijai Coffee Bar and thirdly on the famous bakeries of Tuticorin, Santhi Bakery and Gnanam Bakery.


PARAYAN said...

I was googling for Shanti bakery and happened to stumble up on your blog. New shape was one of my fav tailors ( being uncle's friend). If I may ask for a favor - Do you have the ph # for Shanti bakery by any chance? I 'd like to order some net bars and macroons.

Venkysdiary said...

@Parayan: Sorry! I dont have the phone number of Shanti Bakery.