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Two movies, Kavalan and Manmadhanambu in a week

Watched two movies the last week. Kavalan, the Vijay starrer and the Manmadhanambu, the Kamalhasan movie.


A completely different movie from the likes of Sura, Vettaikaran etc., As everybody has written about this movie, you now know this is of different genre. No super-duper fight scenes, no crying mothers, no heroine(s) who idolise the hero and most of all no punch dialogues (except for one scene where Delhi Ganesh speaks something which says that Vijay will not let down people who believe in him, should check with Jayalalitha after the elections!!) Vijay has underplayed his character to such an extent I felt he is kind of a newcomer to the industry. People keep equating this to Kadhalukku Mariyadhai but I think this is a better work from Vijay compared to that. He has definitely improved over the last 10 years as an actor. The credit for this anyway should go to the Director Siddique, of "Friends" fame. The movie has his trademark twists and turns, particularly towards the end but where is the comedy. Vadivelu looks pedestrian in this movie and it is no comparison to the all time best comedy of "Friends". I really expected better work from Siddhique on the comedy front. Songs were decent if not great. You can watch this movie if you like Vijay on the big screen. Asin is also there for you as a bonus!!


Before I write anything about the movie, let me first warn you that you dont go to this movie thinking Kamal and KS Ravikumar combination would make you laugh and fall down from your seat. This is not Panchathanthiram, a real classic! The story, screenplay and dialogue is by Kamalhasan himself, so you can expect the quirkiness which is inherent in Kamal's thought process. I cant understand why Kamal didnt take "Crazy" Mohan along! The story is no great and it goes like this. A suspecting lover boy (Madhavan) appoints a detective (Kamalhasan) to spy on his film actress girlfriend (Trisha) who is on her vacation in Europe. How the detective becomes the lover boy of the film actress is the story with some tragic flashback for the detective. As usual, Kamal rocks as an actor and he should just stick to that. Leave story, screenplay and direction to others. I should also mention that Trisha is not just a glamour girl but a good actor as well. She speaks in her own voice in this film after some 8 years of being in the industry and on top of it, being a Tamil!! Madhavan and Sangeetha fill up the rest of the characters. Sangeetha does act very naturally. Well done!! Don't go with much expectations and you will like this movie.


Nagarajan said...

Hi Venkat, What happened to the Tuticorin stories...

Venkysdiary said...

@ Nagarajan: getting sucked into the day to day life.. will do it over the weekend..