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Jayalalitha's interview to Times Now

Over the last 2 days, one of the most talked about interviews is the one TN CM Ms Jayalalitha gave to Arnab Goswami of Times Now. You can watch the interview here, in case you have not seen it earlier.

I watched the interview day before yesterday in the night and I really amazed to see the confidence exuded by her. What one election victory can do is clearly tangible!! I enjoyed it!! In my opinion she has matured well as a politician these days and no off-the-cuff remarks about anybody, except for P Chidambaram. She was very clear with her answers on wide ranging topics from Katchatheevu to Lokpal to Chinese threat across the border.

The other thing I noticed is the fact that she speaks with genuine concern about Tamilnadu this time. She doesn't want to antagonize the Central Government now because she has made large demands to the centre.

The most striking aspect of Jayalalitha's interview is her command over English language. I think only very few politicians in India currently can speak so eloquently. Her command over languages is legendary, in the sense, she can speak English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu as well. Truly a multi-lingual and multi-faceted personality. No doubt, she captivated the Delhi journalists when she was in Delhi in the first week of June.

Arnab tried his best to restrain himself from interrupting during the interview and I should say he succeeded to a great extent. Arnab probed Jayalalitha many times during the interview on the role she would play in the national politics for which she remained evasive till the last.

After seeing the interview, the following are my "guesses" on the future :

1. She is definitely planning a bigger role for herself in the centre, if things work out the way she wants. That is, ADMK winning large number of seats (something around 30 seats) in the next Lok Sabha polls from Tamilnadu. In that case, Mr Paneerselvam would get a chance to rule the state again or even Ms Sasikala!!

2. JJ is going to keep her options open for alliances, particularly, the post poll alliances. She is equi-distant at this moment from both Congress and BJP. In my opinion, she is silent on Congress because she wants a huge central aid to tide over the financial mess created in TN by the previous DMK govt.

3. Having said point no. 2 above, I personally believe she is more comfortable with BJP/NDA than Congress.

4. Her most preferred candidate for the next Prime Minister is definitely going to be Narendra Modi, if we try to read in-between the lines of her statements.

5. If NDA wins and Narendra Modi becomes the next PM, then my guess is that she would become the Deputy PM.

Interesting times ahead for her and us too.


Vivek KUMAR said...

good post ... enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed watching JJ's interview in Times.

Suresh L said...

Reflections of my thoughts as well.

Venkysdiary said...

@Vivek: Thanks!!

@ Suresh: Really, thats nice to know.

Suresh Iyer said...

Regional leaders, playing meaningful bigger roles successfully in the centre, on the basis of simple arithmetics, is a very difficult proposition. Not sustainable. It has not worked in the past, and it is unlikely to happen in the future. It can only happen if a regional leader succeeds in bridging the various boundaries (physical, cultural, polity, etc.) creating mass appeal.


Venkysdiary said...

Hi Suresh, I agree regional leaders appeal to voters cant cross boundaries. But with the present federal system of governance and no proportional representation, the powerful regional leaders would continue to have a say in the affairs of this country in my humble opinion. Also, if there is a politician who is genuinely interested in the welfare of the masses, he/she can become a national leader very quickly. There is a big leadership vaccum in our country presently.

We have to see who rises to the occasion to fill this gap.

Anonymous said...

stupid jailalita she does castism so bitch she is

sridharan said...

Can u please post this interview video(link)...Please...

Venkysdiary said...

Hi Sridharan,

You should click on the hyper-link in the first paragraph.

Nevertheless, here you go: