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Attending marriage an alibi for that elusive long drive

I attended a neighbour's cousin's marriage. No it is not very uncommon in India considering that we consider neighbours as our extended family. But in this case I attended a marriage by driving 250 kilometers. This should start sounding little funny now!

When we got the invitation for this wedding, we thought that we would give it a miss as it is not even in Chennai. As the persistence of the neighbour kept increasing, my wife passed on the final decision to me. As usual, these kind of difficult decisions are left to me! I thought about it for a split second, and, surprisingly said "yes". I think the only reason why I said yes, was that I would get a chance to go for a long drive. I haven't gone on a long drive for quite sometime. And I am one, who loves driving on the highways. ok, ok, I hear you, Who is not?

In a place like Vellore, this Kalyana Mandapam is humungous. The name is Krishna Mahal. It is truly a Mahal. The Kalyana Mandapam was so huge that the dining capacity at a time is 450 persons. The main hall can seat somewhere like 2000 people. I dont think I have seen a marriage hall like this before in Chennai.

Overall, it was a good to have a day off from work and to do a long drive. With the current petrol prices, it is not highly recommended but once in a while you need this kind of luxury!!!


Adwait Hebbar said...

It is not a difficult decision to make...if the roads are good it is a pleasant drive ! Chennai- Bangalore too is a fun drive until one enters either of the city ? Hope you met the bride and the groom or you went to dining hall had food and returned ??

Venkysdiary said...

@Adwait, agreed, as I wrote the only reason I said yes was of the Chennai-Bangalore highway. We did have traffic snarls before we could actually cross Sriperumbudur but after that it was a breeze.

We did meet the couple but only after we had a sumptuous breakfast. Just as a matter of courtesy, you see!!

Suresh Iyer said...

Am doing the Mumbai - Ahmedabad drive later this month.


Thomson said...


I happened to go through your blog a couple of days back and was impressed. Let me get straight to the point. We have a forum at exclusively for Chennai-ites where we discuss various issues pertaining to Chennai and the nation. I think it would be great if you join us and take part in the debates. It would add a whole new class to the discussions.

Have a great day!

Venkysdiary said...

@Suresh - I am sure it would be interesting.. share your experience as and when you do it.

Venkysdiary said...

@Thomson - thanks for visiting the blog. Will definitely look into Thanks!

Nagarajan said...

Sir..Vellore is just 130 kms from Chennai and this Krishna mahal is in Sathvachari which comes before you enter Vellore city! Many people from Vellore visit Chennai everyday for work you know? Infact, after the sumptuous breakfast, you could have said one "Hi" to Jalakanteswara:)

Venkysdiary said...

@Nagarajan: yes, you are right. Sathavacheri, it is where the Mahal is located. I cant imagine people coming to work on a daily basis to Chennai. Would be very taxing, its my opinion.

Visiting Jalakanteswara is a long pending one.. wanted to go to Ratnagiri on the way, but again couldn't.

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