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Nanban – a milestone in Vijay’s career

The long awaited remake of 3 Idiots as Nanban was watched over the weekend. For the first time Director Shankar has remade a film and it naturally led to heightened expectations, also thanks to, the impressive star cast comprising of Vijay, Srikanth, Jeeva and Sathyaraj. Of course, the long awaited debut of Ileana D’Cruz also happens in Tamil!!

We all know the story of 3 Idiots, isn’t? Okay, for people who don’t know, it is a story ridiculing how our Indian Education system focuses on quantitative performance like scoring marks rather than on qualitative aspects like nurturing originality. Also, a message is conveyed encouraging people to follow their dreams with regard to the choice of profession, keep adding your experience and expertise and the success is bound to follow.

The remake by Shankar is exact reproduction of the original Hindi version, scene by scene, I would say. But I have to say it is not boring at all even if you had seen the original. Thanks to Shankar, the production value of Nanban is a class apart. The choice of actors for the lead characters is very apt and I can see all the three, Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva have put in lot of efforts to look like college students! Particularly, Srikanth needs a special mention. He has shed lot of weight which goes on to show the effort put in by him.

On the acting front, I think starting from Vijay everyone has really done well. It is going to be a milestone film for Vijay in the sense that he has acted well. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that Vijay’s career would be divided as pre-Nanban and post-Nanban! Vijay looks very natural in this role. Not to forget, he looks trim and young. Remember, I am no great fan of Vijay for that matter but I have to admit this is one of the best films he has “acted” in. Same goes for Srikanth, I guess. A good looking guy but without any meaningful film in the last 3-4 years, he has given his best. There are number of scenes which really caused a lump in my throat while watching the movie. The scene when Srikanth goes to convince his father of his decision to pursue his photography career is a beautiful example of Srikanth’s acting talent. Well done, Srikanth! If I have to pick out somebody who could have done little better, it is Jeeva. This is again relative grading.

The other stand-out performance is by Sathyan as Silencer. Again, a landmark film for him and he has truly done justice to the belief Shankar showed on him when he was picked for this role. Sathyaraj, as usual is flawless in the character of Principal Virumandi Santhanam. Ileana, finally makes it to Tamil film industry and her hour-glass figure is “never-seen-before” magic for the Tamil fans. Does a decent job in the role of the Principal’s daughter.

I would strongly recommend that you watch this movie and you won’t regret at all. If given a chance, I don’t mind watching it again!

What I liked about the movie?

1. Very good acting by all the characters
2. Flawless screenplay (of course, the credit goes to Raju Hirani)
3. Excellent camera work by Manoj Paramahamsa
4. Great dialogues – credit goes to Karky and Shankar
5. Decent music by Harris Jayaraj

As I wrote above, this is going to be a landmark movie for many actors involved in this movie. I totally enjoyed it and the only drawback it runs for more than 190 minutes or so!

PS: The name of Vijay in this movie is Panchavan Parivendhan as a student and in the later stages he takes the name of Kosuki Pasapugazh! I have not heard Panchavan, Kosuki and Pasapugazh names in my life in Tamilnadu! Mind it, I have lived all my life in this part of the world!!!! Of course, I know Parivendhan, thanks to Tamil Class IV and in later days due to SRM University Chancellor Pachamuthu, who changed his name as Parivendhar!!

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