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New Year! New Beginnings! New Hopes!

Dear Readers,

Wish you and your families a very happy, peaceful, joyous and prosperous New Year 2013!!!

As we start the new year, I want to do two things.  One look ahead and see how 2013 is going to be for me personally and sit back and analyse how 2012 was.

In this new year I begin a new journey as an Entrepreneur.  I have started my Personal Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Consulting practice based in Chennai.   This is a very different experience than working in a corporate, which I did for close to 15 years.  The decision to take it up full time is a well-thought out decision over many months, if not years.  I have been passionate personal finance for many years now and this advisory practice is a logical extension of my passion.  When you convert your passion into business, I think you will be motivated to give your best.  That's exactly the reason why I have embarked on this journey of entrepreneurship in the area of my passion.

The last 2 months have been spent on setting up the infrastructure, establishing connects with the people from the Financial Services industry in Chennai, working on creating the product to be offered to the clients, evaluating multiple software to be used in the business.  All these things I did along with the actual work of advising existing and new clients, which led to too little time for other things.  I couldn't concentrate and write the blog posts exactly for this reason.

Now with all things settling down and me turning full time entrepreneur, I believe I should be able to write more frequently both on this personal blog as well as on my business blog,

The regulatory challenges in the financial advisory business is the biggest of them all, which I, as an individual don't have any control.  So, I will not unduly worry about it.  The revenue uncertainty, constant need to identify and convert prospects to customers, frequently changing financial products landscape, differing client perspectives all add to the list of uncertainties.  There are definitely lot of uncertainties in this journey but tell me which journey is certain! So I am going to take it as it comes but one thing is certain to succeed, I should give my best at all times!

The year gone by was one of surprises, both positive and negative.  Again, the surprise element is the one which keeps our lives quiet interesting, I guess.   I am not going to fret about the past so would look forward to 2013 with optimism!!

Wish you once again a Happy New Year 2013!! 


sirin banerjee said...

Hi Venkys, Happy new year. Financial Planning in chennai, sound quite nice. I think you can also talk about real estate market in Chennai. All the best.

Nagarajan said...

Best Wishes Venkat! God Bless you in your new endeavour!

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