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Overloaded On Reading

I can never claim that I am a voracious reader.  But in the last 3 months or so, it has so happened, that I have been reading continuously.  Practically thats the only thing I have been doing whenever free at home.  It has reached such a stage that my son told me yesterday that I better close the book I was reading and see whats happening around me. 

The moment I decided to start something one my own, I decided to read a lot more than I was used to, at least in my core area of operations, Personal Finance.  Naturally, when you are on your own, you need to be well-informed in your core area of expertise.  Personal Finance sounds very simple but I can tell it extends way beyond somebody's imagination.  You need to read about the products and the latest developments in the field of Mutual Funds, Deposits, Banking, Taxation, Investments, Real Estate and the list doesn't end.  So this part takes away most of my reading time. 

Then comes the long pending list of books, which I have bought and kept it aside for reading.  I started reading Ponniyin Selvan, the Tamil epic novel by Kalki.  It runs for about 2000 pages.  I bought this from Vikatan Publication in Jan 2012.  It has taken a sweet 14 months for me to start reading it.  I started off slowly but the plot thickens with every page and I got addicted to the novel.  For the last one month or so, I have been reading only this!! I am in the last part of the book and expect to finish it by end of this week.

In the interim, I managed to read two books of Subroto Bagchi, the High Performance Entrepreneur and Go, Kiss the World! 

If this is not enough, I get everyday 4 newspapers to read.  It starts with The Hindu, Business Line, TOI and Dinamalar.  I don't have time to read all the four and have restricted myself to reading The Hindu and BL. 

The agony doesn't end here.  We have subscribed to two lending libraries.  Out of which, one library brings magazines to your doorstep every alternate day.  The magazines we subscribe like Ananda Vikatan, Junior Vikatan, Kumudam, Week, Nanayam Vikatan etc., has to be read and returned within those 2 days.  This adds tremendous pressure to complete the reading in that time. 

The other library is one where you have to go and pick up books.  Considering all the above, I have been delaying picking books from this one. 

The next 6 months is going to be tough for me with the number of must read books is still around 10!


pushpendra yadav said...
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Dharmendra proptiger said...
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ரா. கணேஷ் said...


Try reading "Predictably Irrational" by Dan Ariely

A must read for someone in Personal Finance

Venkysdiary said...

Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for the suggestion. Will surely add to my list of books to read.

Actually, from the time I wrote this post, work has taken precedence over reading. Not reading any book at all for some time. I am planning to go back to reading in a couple of weeks time and I will definitely have this on my priority list.


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