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Chennai GN Chetty Road has changed a lot!!

Where are the trees?
I was travelling through GN Chetty Road, T Nagar, Chennai yesterday after a month or so. I was totally surprised to see the changes happening on this road. I saw work has already started for building a fly-over. Some 20 odd fully grown neem trees were completely cut to make way for a fly-over at Vani Mahal-Hotel Residency intersection. Now the road provides you with a different look.

Nostalgia of GN Chetty Road:
I have been regularly using this road for almost 8 years GN Chetty Road on a daily basis. The avenue trees on both sides of the road provided excellent cover during the summer and in the night it will be a very pleasant ride. We are going to miss all of them now.

I am wondering if the Chennai Corporation would have tried to transplant these trees elsewhere instead of just chopping it off. We all talk about Global warming and the need to grow more trees, but the developing countries like us are doing exactly the opposite in the name of development.

May God bless us!!

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