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Great Bargains At Factory Outlets!!!

Last weekend I went to the Europa Factory Outlet in Vadapalani and came across an interesting offer on a set of merchandise. They are selling Pepe Jeans casual wear shirts, Byford t-shirts and San Frisco crew neck shirts at Rs.100/- per item. I found it very interesting and tempting as well!! The new ones are selling anywhere between 500-900.

I picked up a Pepe Jeans Casual Shirt and a San Frisco T-shirt all for Rs200/-. The only catch is they are old stock with a bit of dust. I dont see any visible damage to any of the garments. Yes, few are very dusty but even if you ignore them, there was quite a bunch of them. My friend also picked up 3 items.

I think it is really a good bargain at Rs100/-. You may have to do some extra work of washing it before wearing. No worries.

Try out these factory outlets once a while to find a steal like this.

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Anonymous said...

So what the big stuff about the article. I suggest people should buy good article & enjoy the freshness instead of picking up old what do u say my friend about this....also guess who iam...