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Chennai GN Chetty Road has changed a lot!! - An update

Last week I had written about the changes that are taking place in GN Chetty Road. I happened to see extensive press coverage the next day or two days after that. ( I am not saying my blog made this happen!!)

The press (Dinamlar and New Indian Express detailed quarter-page articles on the developments going around T Nagar. The saddest thing is, I got to know that more than 100 trees have been felled in T Nagar area for building of fly-overs. Three grade separators are coming up in T Nagar locality. One fly-over is coming at the Vani Mahal - Residency Hotel intersection, the second one is coming at Mahalingapuram - North Usman Road intersection and third one at South Usman Road-Duraisamy Road . The number of trees cut is really well above my imagination. The saving grace is that they are trying to transplant some trees within the Corporation parks and playgrounds. I also learnt that as per the Environment Protection Act ( or is it someother act) for every tree cut, 50 trees have to be planted. The Chennai Corporation is going to plant more than 6000 trees for the 100 odd trees which has felled.

If the planted trees survive and grow, it would be good for the city. Lets hope it happens!!

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