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Orkut and me!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been regularly logging into Orkut website. I created an account in 2006 but hardly logged in after that and almost forgotten about that. A month ago, one of my colleague introduced me again to Orkut. I really got hooked on to it this time and has been regularly logging in for the last 3 weeks. Now I always check with all my friends if they are in orkut.

What makes orkut a popular site?
I think the possibility of knowing who knows whom, who writes what to whom, ability to open and see the photos of others definitely interests people and get them addicted. I learn that similar to orkut there are various other sites like facebook, fropper, myspace, tagged, linkedin etc., I am sure all these sites are becoming popular by the day.

Spam messages/requests for unknown "friends":
In the last two weeks, I have got atleast two messages from unknown people to either accept them as friends or become a member in some community. Both of which I have not responded.

My purpose for having an orkut account:
My only intention for using orkut is to get connected to my schoolmates/friends/former colleagues with whom I am not in regular contact. I dont have any intention of becoming an online friend/buddy to some unknown face. My experience in the last two weeks is not bad as I am able to get in touch with atleast 5 people with whom I have not spoken for the last 3 years or so. I got hold of a school junior almost after 20 years!! In that way it has been very successful.


Vijayakrishna said...


Super!!! Great job and a fantastic theme. I too am against cutting of trees. May be one should plant two trees (seeds?) for every tree cut.

Vijayakrishna said...

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