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Demerger of companies - potential for value unlocking - some companies in the race!!

The demerger of companies resulting in value unlocking for the shareholders is a theme which has become a big hit after the Reliance group demerger. I think the following list of companies have plans to demerge their companies to create value for the shareholders are as below:

1. JSW Steel - is planning to demerge their Infrastructure, Energy and steel business into separate companies. I dont think the company has made the announcement in this regard but the market rumours has set the stock soaring towards Rs1000/.

2. Alok Industries - is seeking to demerge the textile and real estate business. The company has notified the stock exchanges that the Board of directors of the company would discuss about the demerger and assign this activity to a professional consulting company. The stock ran up a bit to Rs80/- but came down to trade in the range of Rs65-68.

3. Teledata Informatics - is planning to demerge the company into three different companies with focus on a specific area of operations. The company has made the announcement as well as carrying out huge advertisements in Business newspapers about the demerger and the record date details. The record date for Teledata is 23 November. The share swap ratio is 1 share each in Teledata Marine Solutions and Teledata Technology Solutions for every two shares held in Teledata Informatics. All the three companies would be listed. The stock has closed today at Rs64.

4. Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd (GHCL) - It has interests in Caustic Soda and home textiles. It has been in a buying spree in the last couple of years in the home textiles front and has so far acquired 4 companies in the last 2 years. 3 in US and 1 in UK. The owners want to demerge their textile business from the Chemicals business in the near future.

So watch out for these 4 companies as the market currently fancies these demergers.

Disclaimer: The usual one. It is not an invitation to buy or sell stocks. Please take your own decisions.

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