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Trying to catch up with old school mates - my experience!!

I have got a renewed interest to catch up with my school friends. I have even mentioned this in my "Get to know me" section in this blog. So having written this, I thought let me make some earnest efforts in this regard.

So I got hold of one my school friends who had the telephone number of our classmate, who was the school topper and we studied together for 5 years (6 th std to 10th std). I have always talked about him to my family and friends very proudly saying that he is school topper, and a Doctor etc., Naturally, when I got the number I was very thrilled to talk to him. I called him one day last week and I started introducing myself. He couldnt recollect me or my name. I thought that was a very natural reaction when you talk to somebody after 18 years. But his voice seems to be very hurried and I checked with him if he is busy I will call him later. I tried to explain which class we studied together and other details. But he was very clear - that he couldnt relate me. I tried to find out what he is doing and shared with him what I am doing currently. From his reactions, I thought he was not very keen to know about all these details. I hung up the phone saying that it was pleasure talking to him and will be in touch! But really do I want to be in touch with him? I dont really think so. I understand that 18 years is too long a period to remember your school mates and we have travelled away from each other so far. Probably, it is lesson for me too. I should not expect everybody to remember their school/college.

Should I continue to try to reach out for my schoolmates?


Anonymous said...

Venkat,This is def a bitter experience when one tries for a reunion but I really feel you shld not drop your urge to reach your schoolmates.Believe me ,3 out of 4 would like to know about their school mates and atleast half of them would like to renew contacts with their old buddies.

And more than anything ,itz an immense pleasure to reconnect.So,just keep it going.


King Vishy said...

Haven't replied to 4 year old posts in a long time!
This is absolutely exactly the same experience I had!

And like Karthik above me, I believe it's good to keep in touch, just so we remember our roots. And these days, with Email/Facebook/Twitter - people don't forget others all that easily (even if they want to :D).

Long-lost reunions might well be a thing of the past already, I think.