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Bajaj Auto - Impending Demerger and value unlocking!

Bajaj Auto is going to be demerged and it is highly possible there would be tremendous value unlocking. As per the market news (rumours), the demerger plan would be announced by end of December or early part of January.

With the impending announcement the stock has run up and today inspite of big NIFTY correction Bajaj Auto actually closed in the positive. For brave-heart traders, Bajaj Auto in the Futures segment provides a very good possibility to take a position. For a margin of around Rs30,000, you can take a position on 100 shares of Bajaj Auto. I expect Bajaj Auto to touch atleast Rs2950 before the annoucement.

This is only for the bravehearts and people who are willing to take risk.

Disclaimer: Pls think on your own or consult your financial planner before you take a decision. I currently dont hold a position in this stock but may own in the future.

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