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Happy Birthday to Rajnikanth!!

Today is the birthday of Super Star Rajnikanth. Happy birthday to our super hero, Rajnikanth. As usual, the media went overboard and hosting all day programs about Rajnikanth, particularly the FM radio channels.

As expected, Rajnikanth is not in Chennai today and he is not meeting his fans. There were huge expectations this time that he would meet his fans as he has plans of floating his own political party soon!! Not my figment of imagination, but it is what written by one of the "investigative" Tamil Journals. I guess nothing is farther from truth than talk of Rajni floating his own party. I personally believe he has missed the bus in 1996.

I also feel that fans have lost interest in celebrating his birthday in a big way. Why I am saying this, is the complete absence of huge billboards and posters on Rajnikanth's birthday. I drove 11 kms in the busy city roads today morning and I didnt even see a single billboard or posters congratulating Rajnikanth on his birthday. Very unusual, isnt?

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