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Fabulous Discount sale by Gokaldas Images at Chennai!!

Great bargain sale by Gokaldas Images (unit of Gokaldas Exports, India's biggest garment exporter) at Old Nagesh Theatre basement. The prices are very very attractive and they are being sold at throw-away prices, if I may say so. I immediately grabbed a wrinkle-free trouser for Rs250/- and worn it today. It looks nice.

Formal wrinkle-free Trousers (Hagar brand - export surplus or irregulars) are going for Rs250/- per piece. Shirts, including brands like Cherokee, K Life are being sold at Rs270/-. There is a wide range of garments on sale like Jeans (both men and women), denim three-fourths, ladies wear and kidswear. I am not sure about the prices of kidswear and ladies wear, but should not be more than Rs200-250 per piece.

I think it is a good buying opportunity (trying to use the stock market parlance!!!). Please do visit the sale and let me know what you think about it.

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