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New Poll on Chennai Real Estate!

A new poll has been commissioned today on the real estate scenario in and around Chennai. Please participate and share your views by choosing the area you think which is going to appreciate the most in the year to come!!!

I request all readers to vote as I am not seeing high number of votes in the earlier polls.

The polling booth is on the top right hand corner below the banner.


Gopal V said...

My Vote is for chingelput (around that area) because of mahindra city.

The reasoning is that MCity is functional now and the rate of growth of industries in and around it will be more. And of course oragadam and neary places will also add to it. The down side is, if you enter now how much it will appreciate is a question as the rate quoted currently is definitely not cheap.

Prasanna said...

I have a restricted view of the real estate market in Chennai - have not been near the OMR side where there has been a frenzy, fed by the IT sector.

My vote would be for the area between kanchipuram and ranipet. The state government is keen on developing the corridor between chennai and bangalore. That is the next stretch to get developed and we can get attractive (relatively) rates now.


Anonymous said...

True Gopal. The prices are not definitely cheap around Chingelput at these prices. Mahindra City would be definitely a trigger for rapid appreciation when it goes full stream. I have personally seen the Infosys facility and it can house 25000 people. There are number of other companies like BMW, Sundaram group who have setup facility. Even 10% of the Infosys crowd moves towards Chingelput and beyond the demand would be between 5000 - 10000 housing units. Chingelput and beyond looks interesting. Thanks for sharing your views.
rgds, venkat

Venkat said...

Hi Prasanna,
I agree that there has been frenzy in the OMR stretch due to IT related developments. The prices are already very high. Thats the reason, why I have not included that stretch. Kanchipuram and beyond is one interesting area considering the proximity to Sriperumbudur and as you mentioned the thrust by the state Govt to make Chennai Bangalore as Industrial Corridor.

rgds, venkat