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Indraprastha Medical and Surya Pharma - making smart moves!

Two scrips I wrote about in this blog over the last 3 months have started moving. I am very happy about it.

Indraprastha Medical:

I have earlier written about Indraprastha Medical here when it was quoting around Rs40. The stock has started moving after a very long consolidation and today it has closed at Rs57 with volumes in excess of 1.5 million shares on both the exchanges. I believe that the stock is getting re-rated and it is possible there is further appreciation. A neat 40% return in 3 months time.

Surya Pharma:

Surya Pharma initially discussed here around Rs90 has also started moving and it has closed today at Rs139.80.

On both the cases thee are positive fundamental reasons which have been listed in the original posts. Added on to the fundamental reasons, there is also a positive feeling about the pharma companies on the bourses now. The market has started responding to the fundamental changes happening and it now all depends on this quarter results.

I continue to remain bullish on both the counters.

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