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Stocks in my portfolio which has not moved for a long time!!

I have a list of stocks which I hold for the last few years without seeing any profit:

1. KG Denim Ltd:
There was a great euphoria about the removal of quotas for textile companies couple of years ago. The expectations were that on removal of quota for textile companies would result in increased business opportunities. But on the contrary, the removal of the quotas didnt help the Indian companies.
As a retail investor started buying the shares of KG Denim Ltd., some two years ago. Today the stock is quoting around Rs21.40 whereas my average cost of holding is around Rs45. The company has expanded its capacity during the last year using the TUF scheme. For your information, the company owns the jeans brand "Trigger".

2. Rama Newsprint:
I dont exactly recollect the reason why I bought this share some 3 years ago now. The company restructured the capital and for every 100 shares you owned, I have 25 shares. Today it has closed at Rs35.80 against my purchase price of Rs68.00.

Lesson learnt is that be clear with the reasons why you buy the shares.

I am still holding on to these shares. What else to do?!

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