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Do you know the true meaning of "Lifetime prepaid" mobile telephone connections!!

Over the last couple of years all the mobile telephone service providers were selling "lifetime" prepaid telephone connections at ludicrously low rates of, say, Rs999/-. I was always wondering how they can provide lifetime connectivity? Also what does it mean by lifetime connectivity? Is it the lifetime of the subscriber or the lifetime of the company which provides mobile telephone service?

I got the answer today, thanks again to FM radio. Reliance Communications was advertising about the lifetime free connectivity for its subscribers and as a "buyer beware" disclosure, they explained that lifetime connectivity means "till the expiration of the license of the service provider". In this case, Reliance Communications has the license issued till 2021.

It would be same case with other service providers when they say, lifetime connectivity, it is till the end of their license period not for your entire lifetime!! Buyers beware!!

I have come across this disclosure for the first time in the last two years or so. I have neither seen it in the print media nor heard it on the radio channels. Is this disclosure made only by Reliance Communications or all service providers have started doing this?

Did you know about the real lifetime of "lifetime prepaid" mobile connectivity before?


Gopal V said...

Hmm well it was not exactly a secret and at the same time it was not exactly publicized also !!

But Airtel used to send this piece of information whenever u do balance inquiry along with the balance left on the sim card.

BTW i use a "Lifetime Prepaid" card only so i guess i have done my research on that...

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Gopal,
Thanks for sharing your experience on Lifetime prepaid connections. Definitely you have done the research ,as always, no doubts about that.