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Tamil Writer Sujatha is no more.

Tamil writer Mr "Sujatha" Rangarajan is no more. He passed away couple of days back at the age of 72. He is survived by his wife and two sons. Sujatha was a very prolific writer in Tamil and has written number of novels, short stories, science fiction and many more. He also wrote weekly columns in various Tamil magazines over the last several years. His column in Anandavikatan was stopped a month or so ago. I thought he was busy with something else and but now I understand he stopped the column due to his poor health.

The most notable thing about Mr Sujatha was his versatility. He can write about science, fiction, modern and ancient tamil literature, dialogues for Tamil movies in a very lucid and easy to understand manner. He is also credited with the invention of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) while he worked for Bharat Electronics Ltd., When I searched for Sujatha’s obituary in Google, I came across many articles where people have mentioned that his science fiction writing got them interested about computers and made them choose a career in Science. That is the level of impact he had on his readers.

He has worked closely with Kamal Hasan, Director Shankar and Rajnikanth in their movies. The Tamil literary world and movies would miss him very much.

Good bye Mr Sujatha!!

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