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Poor customer service experience - this time with Kotak Securities!!

Sometime back I was lamenting about the very poor service levels of financial services companies and their lack of apathy for customers. You can read that story here.

This is another example of that poor service levels with regard to meeting clients on the appointed time, this time by Kotak Securities. Kotak Securities was behind me for more than 5 days asking for an appointment to explain(!!) about the new "investment" product their group company, Kotak Life has launched. I guess it is nothing more than a new ULIP product. I was very reluctant to meet the financial advisor and I tried my level best to avoid him. He persisted with me for 5 days and I finally relented to meet him on last Saturday at 10.00 AM at my home. The appointment was fixed on Friday morning so I never thought this guy would fail to make it on the next day. But he never turned up on saturday and neither he has called me after that to explain why he didnt turn up. I cant really understand what happened in between Friday morning and Saturday for this guy in not turning up, that too, after pestering me for 5 days!!

The point I dont understand with these financial firms are how they can treat customers with so much disdain? Not able to meet a customer at an appointed time, is a great sin, I would say.
There is usually no clarity or quality in the explanation being made by these so called financial advisors while explaining the products nor they can understand anything beyond what they already know. I believe financial services marketing is a very sensitive area where the customer needs and aspirations are to be kept paramount, but after seeing many Indian companies flouting them with impunity, I can only pity the poor Indian investors, thats us!!

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