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Saravana Stores - a front-runner to Pantaloon Retail!!

When I wrote about Pantaloon Retail's story I failed to mention about the reference he makes about Saravana Stores, T Nagar, Chennai. Kishore Biyani accepts that before starting the retail venture across India, he himself has visited Saravana Stores at T Nagar many times to understand their business model and how customers buy things in an organised retail set-up.

It is not only Kishore Biyani who visited Saravana Stores, but the entire top management team has to mandatorily visit Saravana Stores, T Nagar and take notes to be discussed during their Management meeting.

I guess this a great acknowledgment of retail revolution ushered in by Saravana Stores in late 1980's and early 1990's before the better organised players expanded it in a big way. Though the group has split into may companies, it stills remains a great attraction for all shoppers at T Nagar Chennai.

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vj said...

I was recently at the Saravana Stores (their superstore with multiple floors) on Usman Road. It was a nightmarish experience. I hope Biyani and his team learnt what "not to do" in terms of customer service. I enountered rude behavior and a total lack of customer service. I have sworn to never enter that place again. You definitely get what you pay for ! I for one would rather pay upto 10%more for better service (that is probably the biggest price difference on some of the goods). I experienced a total contrast (heavenly service !) when I walked a few paces more to shop at Chennai Silks.