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A vist to Mega Mart

I visited Mega Mart Outlet centre on the Arcot Road last saturday. This is a new initiative from Arvind Mills of creating a bigger shopping avenue compared to the small sized Megamarts. The Mega Mart Outlet Centre is spread over an area of 40000 sq.ft on the main Arcot Road at Valasaravakkam. It is next to La Chatelaine School and the nearest bus-stop is Alwarthirunagar.
This building currently where Mega Mart is situated was earlier used to be an export garmet manufacturing unit. I guess the owner would have seen that more money can be made by letting out the real estate than running a garment manufacturing activity. As I cross this building daily, I have seen how quickly they have re-modelled the building. The work happened at a frentic pace day and night and I think they completed the work in around 45 days or so.

Mega Mart outlet centre has different sections for Ladies, Men and kids on separate floors. The main attraction is that all branded garments like Van Huesen, Louis Phillipe, Arrow, Excalibur, Levis, Flying Machine, Belmonte, Reid and Taylor, Basics, Indigo Nation are available at discount prices throughout the year. It is not only limited to the retail brands of Arvind Mills but they have brought in goods from the competitor Madura Garments (manufacturers of Van Hussen and Louis Phillipe) and others.

You get higher discounts when you buy more of the same quantity. The discount structure goes like this:
Buy 1 - Get 25% off
Buy 2 - Get 1 free
Buy 2 - Get 2 free
I think this is marketing tactic to get more of your wallet!
A person who walks into the store with an intention of buying a shirt would be tempted to buy two to get one shirt free. By doing this, the customer would be spending three times more than his original budget.
Cost two Van Hussen shirts - Rs2300/- (Rs1150 X 2 shirts)
Cost of 1 Van Hussen shirt - Rs863/- (Rs1150 - Rs 288 (25% discount on Rs1150)
They also have a counter called "Market Place" where there are higher discounts. Check that out first before you buy anything within the store.

The ambience and amenities inside the store are good. There is Cafe Coffee Day shop on the 3rd Floor but expensive. A plate of samosas cost Rs31/-.

I think I will go to Mega Marts when I have requirements to buy clothes in large numbers. Else, I have to team up with my friends to buy good which can be later shared to get advantage of higher discounts for large purchases.

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