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My Saturday night TV programmes!!

If you are mis-led to think of something wild by the heading of this post, I am sorry.

Saturday night is special to me as I watch two interesting programmes, "Kalakka Povathu Yaaru" (KPY) on Sun TV and "Sport Quiz" on DD Podhigai. Of course, there is nothing new in these programmes but nevertheless it is very interesting. The only issue I have is, both the programmes run between 10.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

KPY is a stand up comedy programme originally created by Vijay TV couple of years ago in the name of "Asatha Povathu Yaaru" (APY) but Sun TV copied the format and started airing it. I really wonder is there any copyright protection for these kind of intellectual properties. Sun TV not only copied the format, but was also able to win over most of the performers, judges etc., So Sun TV's KPY has become popular than the original APY in Vijay TV now. The APY still continues in Vijay TV but it is poor reflection of its original charm. So I stick to KPY in Sun TV. The judges for the show, popular(!) comedians Chittibabu and Madanbob, makes the programme very lively with good comments. The Director of the programme, Rajkumar takes special efforts to bring in new talent every week and keeps the programme's TRP high. Few of the performers like Madurai Muthu, Venkatesh and Ramesh are real entertainers and they come up with new concepts which keeps you glued.

The second programme, Sports Quiz on DD Podhigai is a live programme hosted Dr Sumanth C Raman. I really admire his spirit and the energy he brings to the programme. He keeps talking continuously for 60 minutes during the show, handling hundred plus phone calls, being polite as well as very strict with the callers for the answers. He really makes the programme very interesting by asking questions which are very contemporary and very intricate. You need to be a keen follower of the sports news to answer most of his questions. Sumanth C Raman is a trained Doctor from Madras Medical College. He works with Tata Consultancy Services at Chennai as well as manages his family silk business. A busy man but never lets you down during the sports quiz.

If you get a chance, watch it once and I am sure you will like these programmes. A far cry from the "crying" soaps which occupy most of the TV time nowadays.

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