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Poor customer service by Times of India

On June 11, I came to know about the Times of India has re-opened the subscription window for annual subscriptions at Rs299/- per year. The same day I called up TOI office in chennai and registered my name. They informed me that their Marketing Executive would come collect the money, handover the bag and receipt. The delivery of the paper would start within 2 days from the date of collection.

But now, Times of India subscription is turning out to be a pain in the neck. I was very happy when I got the second chance to subscribe for TOI, but the problem is even after 13 days nobody has come to collect the money. I have called them twice to enquire on the status and everytime, they have been telling that their marketing executive would come and collect the amount.

I am losing interest now and I am not sure how long I may be able to wait.

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