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Vehicle Number Watching

I have a curious habit of following the registration numbers of vehicles which are in front of me on the road while driving. I dont know how many of you have that habit but I have been doing it for years now. I cant remember when I started this. When I look at the number my immediate reaction is to total the sequence. No.. No.. I am not a numerologist as well.

The other aspect to this number watching is I get excited when I see a bike or a car which carries a registration number of my hometown, Tuticorin. Tuticorin's registration number starts with "TN 69" and I really get tempted to find out who is on the wheel. I realise that my affinity towards my hometown has not diminished a bit even after started living in Chennai for more than 10 years now. My experience shows that I could not identify the person who drives the vehicle with TN 69 registration on 99.99% of the times, but still the habit lingers on.

Thanks to this habit, I have also found out that there are more number of vehicles on the Chennai road with registration numbers starting with TN 36, TN 37 and TN 38 (relating to the Coimbatore region), TN 59 relating to Madurai and TN 72 relating to Tirunelveli region compared to other places of Tamil Nadu.

Next to that of TN registrations, I find more cars/bikes carrying KA (Karnataka) registration.

The below link gives you an idea of the entire list of RTO (Regional Transport Officers) districts in the country with the registration numbers applicable to particular city or town. Click here.

Do you have any similar very odd but funny habits?

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