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Dasavatharam - wasted effort!!

I saw the movie and I have to say that I am not that impressed with the movie. It is definitely an earnest effort from Kamal Hasan but I find lot of gaps in the screenplay, and to say the least, it is very loose. The expectations were high and the film failed miserably in my eyes. This is the second time in Tamil that a much hyped movie, has failed miserably in the box office. We earlier saw that with Rajni's Sivaji which had a similar fate. A good lesson for the media and also the production houses to refrain from creating unwanted hype for a movie.

The music is a big relief but the picturisation of the songs lets you down. Himesh Reshmaiyaa (I hope the spelling in right!) has done a neat job and all the numbers are worth listening. Lyrics is also good in Ulaga Nayaganae song. Heard that Vairamuthu has penned the lyrics for the song. Devi Sri Prasad is the other music director in the film who has worked on the back ground music score. It is a ok kind of stuff.

The make-up is not that great for most of the 10 roles he has played. With an artificial face, you cant show any of the minute facial expressions which is Kamal known for. Why the hell he decided to don all the 10 roles? Just to make it to the history, I guess so.

An example of poor screenplay is the fact that an American goes on a shooting spree in India killing people at random and no one tries to find out what is happening. He lands in Chennai, kills a couple of guys in the airport itself, abducts a Police Officer, goes to Kumbakonam in search of a dreaded biological weapon, kills couple of innocent guys there, then moves to Thanjavur all with a beautiful looking young lady with nobody raising any suspicion. Hard to believe.

There are many characters in the movie which comes and goes without any meaning or substance. Jayapradha, for example, comes in 3-4 scenes in the whole movie. P Vasu, Rekha, Vaiyapuri all there but no scope for acting for any one.

Avatar Singh, a singer, again a character played by Kamal, has been diagonised with Cancer and few scenes down the line he gets shot by the American Fletcher (Kamal again) in the melee to retrieve the dreaded vial containing biological weapon. Next scene you see the doctor saying that the bullet has removed the cancerous portion from the body with precision!!!! Taking you back by some 20 years in Tamil film industry.. what is the difference between Rama Narayanan and Kamal Hasan. If you can believe this then you should believe all other miraculous things which happens in mythological movies.

Balaram Naidu, CBI officer character played by Kamal is again a very much hyped character. Except for few scenes, like the one, where after hearing somebody's say his name is Narasimha Rao, Kamal beautifully expresses his liking for a fellow Telugu (but the character says that he is a Kanadiga!!), Naidu character does not live upto my expectations. The character looks very dumb.

Kamal wanted to talk about Chaos Theory and Butterfly effect but it fails to reach the audience. Tsunami as a back-drop for the climax scene to control the biological weapon is a well conceived plot but other than that the film fails all other aspects.

Overall, you can watch the movie for the curiousity of seeing Kamal Hasan in 10 different roles and the pains he has taken to act, but for all the pain and cost, the films fails miserably.

Dasavatharam, a wasted effort.

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