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Recent bombings in Bangalore and Ahmedabad

Over the last couple of days a thought which is increasing occupying my mind is that about the security condition in India. With two recent bombings back to back over the weekend, it has raised the question of insecurity in my mind. How daring these bomb blasts are? Whoever has done that justifies the utmost condemnation and ridicule.

With the raising terror attack threats, the economic progress of the nation would be a big question mark. Already the global liquidity and the runaway inflation are major worries on growth momentum. The global majors who are queing up to set up operations, either in IT/ITES or in the manufacturing space, would think twice or thrice before deciding on embarking on a India set-up. This doesnt augur well for the country where there are still millions who are young and in their prime working age.

The saving grace for India is the resilience of our fellow countrymen. In the face of the two bomb attacks, the citizens of the country have remained cool and they have got back to normal life as soon as possible. When we were discussing about the terror threats and how it affects our life and work, my friend pointed out this as a positive feature of our country. Inspite of what happens, our countrymen are back to business immediately. This would give the foreign direct investors a lot of comfort when compared to the mindset of people in places like London or New York, where it takes months, if not years, to get back to normal life. But the saddest part and my biggest worry is that this resilience on the part of the citizens would soon run out if there are repeated occurences.

I dont know if it is due to our culture of accepting the happenings as destiny and carrying on with our lives. Whatever it may be, my country needs peace and harmony and the economic prosperity to alleviate the sufferings of my fellow countrymen. I want the Government to nip in the bud these anti-social elements before they spread their tentacles.

Deal with them sternly and convey the message of zero-tolerance for terrorism.

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