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Kangal from Subramniapuram movie

My latest favourite tamil movie song is "Kangal Erandal" from the movie Subramaniapuram. It is a movie directed by M Sasikumar and music by James Vasanthan. Many a times I have seen James Vasanthan as a television show host but I was surprised to see him as a music director. It turns out that he was a music teacher in a Ooty school few years ago before he came into television. The director of this movie was a student of him in the Ooty school.

Coming back to the song, it is beautiful melody sung by ........ ( I need to find out who has sung this) tuned to the raga of "Rithigowlai". I dont know abc of Carnatic music, so I turned to my father to find out what raga it is. After his brief alapana, he said it is rithigowlai. So it should be right.. dont dispute your father in areas where you are zero.

The picturisation of the song is also very different from our regular duets. Director Sasikumar has told in one of his interviews that he doesnt want his hero and heroine to run around trees and sing a song, which looks really very artificial. Though we are used to the concept of the hero and heroines singing songs with exact lip synchronisation, this director is different. So this song has been picturised with the lead pair but without the need for them to sing. Looks natural and nice.

I also read somewhere that the director of the movie, Sasikumar was born after 1980's but he has completely taken a movie which happens in 1980's. He has taken extra efforts to bring in originality to the backdrop in all the shots I have seen (mostly limited to Kangal erandal song but I saw few more clips this morning before going to office). The roads and the houses takes you back to 1980's.

Ananda Vikatan, a great Tamil magazine known for ranking of tamil movies has given a very high score of 41 or so, implying that it is definitely a good movie. I am yet to see the movie but it is definitely on my watchlist.


maduraiveeran said...

Fantastic Song, Fantastic Movie - Don't miss it!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi M Veeran,
Yes, I should watch it.. Planning for the weekend.. Lets see if I am able to do that.