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Back in Chennai after 5 days in Tirunelveli

Just got back to Chennai after spending 5 days in Tirunelveli for attending a marriage. It was a good change from the routine and I got to see few nice places like Courtallam, Kanyakumari and Padmanabapuram Palace. The climate in Tirunelveli is very similar to chennai, hot and sultry.

The train travel has its own charm and after many months it is definitely refreshing. There was excitement in the air as I am going back to my roots. Of course, Tirunelveli is not my home town, it is Tuticorin, which is 55 kms from Tirunelveli. But I have been to Tirunelveli umpteen number of times and I think Tuticorin and Tirunelveli are twin towns. They belong to the composite district of Tirunelveli. Added on is the fact that you get Bholi and Vadai as you near Tirunelveli. Of course, it doesnt taste heavenly but it is a good relief from the early morning hunger. I dont know somehow my eating discipline goes for a toss when I travel. Luckily, I don't travel a lot.

As the co-passengers are from Tirunelveli, it is very different and refreshing when you start hearing the local dialect. Definitely, Tamil sounds very sweet and I somehow feel that I belong to that place. Though it is the same language spoken in Chennai and Tirunelveli, it is totally different.

As I go closer to Tirunelveli or for that matter Tuticorin, I normally find large tracts of uncultivated barren lands. It has remained so for so many years I could think of. I always wonder is there a way we could start cultivating these barren lands. May be, we use drip irrigation or something. I am no expert in agriculture but we need to convert these barren lands into productive assets.


Anonymous said...

Great to know that you are from Tuty, I have quite a family connection in Tuty. Recently I started reading your blog to research about realestate in Chennai/Tuty/Tirunelveli. The information in your blog is very useful

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Thank you for visiting the blog and your comments. Keep visiting.
rgds, venky

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