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Courtallam - a place may not be worth the hassle!!

Courtallam is famous for its natural waterfalls on the eastern ghats, a top tourist attraction and a good 65 kms by road from Tirunelveli. Courtallam is a must visit place for all who go down south of Tamilnadu during June - Sept period every year. So I also went ahead with the plan of going to Courtallam.

There are many falls named like old falls, thenaruvi, five falls, sitraruvi etc., I decided to go on a weekday rather than during the weekend as I was warned of huge crowds. You have to stand in queue to have a bath at the falls. Luckily for me there was not much of crowd. We started visiting one falls after another but after a couple of them, the interest levels waned down. We felt like it is more of the same. We totally covered 4 falls and decided to leave. Yes, it is good to experience the falls but in my opinion it is definitely not worthwhile moving from one falls to another just to ensure we have stood below all the falls!!!

Few things which I noticed are:

1. Unruly crowd behaviour inspite of less number of people. Particularly, the ladies section was even worser than the male section. Lot of pushes and pulls resulting in commotion under the water.
2. No proper facilities to change clothes.
3. Exorbitant parking fees. For every falls you go you have to shell out Rs30/- irrespective of the time spent. I dont understand why they charge so much for car parking when no facilities or amenities provided.

My agony is, Courtallam is one of the foremost tourist attractions and it doesnt take much for the Government to arrange for world-class facilities. There is absolutely no proper change room, no good drinking water facility, no good urinals or toilets near any of the falls. Why we treat our tourist attractions and tourists with such contempt? When we are going to change the dont care attitude?

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