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Are these films really successful?

When I turn the Friday Film Review section of The Hindu every week, I get to see lot of film advertisements which makes you laugh. This is because of the reason that they claim that every film is a successful film as if they are breaking box office records. The advertisements claim "Record breaking tenth week" for Dasavatharam, super hit for "Sathyam". Really funny!!

Are these films really successful? From the various reports you read, all films except Subramaniapuram has not been successful in the box office. The distributors of Kuselan in Telugu has been camping in Chennai to get some money as they have suffered huge losses. Sathyam is also a much hyped film which bombed at the box office. Dasavatharam was able to break-even.

I really dont understand why producers spend lot of money on advertisements when they know for sure it is already a failure.

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