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Vinayakar Chathurthi and Tamil Satellite TV programmes - a great tragedy!!

It is a general feeling that Tamil Satellite Channels have hijacked various religious and national festivities for bettering their own cause. During these auspicious days or days of great national importance, Tamil Satellite Channels goes overboard and stuffs you with "special" programmes the whole day. These "special" programmes are nothing but interviews with film stars, couple of so-called blockbuster films (thiraikku vanthu sila manthangalae annae....) which in no way brings out the importance of the day.

For example, for the upcoming Vinayakar Chathurthi function, I just happened to see the list of programs scheduled by Sun TV on that day:
  • It has 4 feature films duirng the entire day.
  • Interviews with Tamil Comedian Vadivelu, Namitha ( of all, why her???), Vinay and Bhavana etc.,
  • Patti Mandram by Salamon Pappiah - what a bore it is turning out these days.. it has become so stale with the same catorie of people in this group.

There is not even a single programme about the Vinayakar Chathurthi function. It is a great pity and injustice perpetrated by the Sun TV on the vulnerable Tamil audience by making them completely focussed on Cinema.

When Sun TV was started 15 years ago and introduced programmes like interviews with movie stars, patti madram etc., it was considered a novelty. Now with everyday you getting so much footage about Cinema, I no longer consider Sun TV cinema-based programmes on important days to be interesting. For that matter, Vijay TV is much better than Sun TV on all counts. Even for the Vinayagar Chathurthi function, they have atleast 2 programmes dedicated to this function with somebody explaining the reasons and logic.

Sun TV's responsibility doesnt end with starting any auspicious day with "Mangala Isai". I am very curious to know if other channels of Sun Network like Kiran and Teja are also fooling people like this on auspicious days. Is it only Tamils who are taken for a ride or rest of all the Dravidians???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.. after few years only Namitha, Nayanthara, Rajini and
Vedivelu will be worshipped.. Sun TV is advanced in foreseeing the
future.. Sun TV is not fooling Dravidians.. the fact is, those
Dravidians watching Sun TV are fools..

Why should they watch Sun TV.. Today there are 100s of channels.. Choose
the one you want to watch.. Raj TV / Pothigai which was showing live
poojas from Pillayarpatti.. But Raj TV and Pothigai does not get higher TRP. Sun TV is into commercial venture and its motive is not to bring social reforms. Most of the TVs only concentrate on TRP and not on wellbeing of people..

In my opinion, Only fools can be fooled...