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Delay in getting PF statements

Today I received my PF balance outstanding with the Regional Provident Fund office for the year ending 31 March 2006. Yes, it is 2006!! There is a 2 year delay in getting the yearly statements from the PF office. I believe with computerisation and automation, this delay of 2 years is not acceptable. PF office should do something to speeden up the process to distribute these statements in a more timely manner.

Provident Fund is one of the silent saving mechanisms for salaried class and each one of us would be eager to have an idea of how much is lying in my account, how much interest I have earned in the last year. This is particularly important if you have made voluntary contributions to the Provident Fund account in addition to your statutory contributions. I have tried couple of times with my employer to initiate the Voluntary contribution of PF, but somehow or the other the HR ensures that the deduction doesnt happen. We have a policy of opting for Voluntary PF only at the begining of the financial year, that is, in April every year.

Is this only with the Mumbai RPF Office or it is the same case with other Regional PF offices as well. People in the know please post your comments.

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