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Olympics 100 Metres - the showpiece event

Ever since I started watching Olympics, I guess, since Seoul Olympics in 1986, one event which attracted my attention is the 100 Metres dash for Men. I remember it was Ben Johnson who stunned the world in 1986 with a record breaking run only to be stripped later after the drug test. This year also, it was the 100 Metres run which attracted by attention yesterday. It was telecast at an opportune time, 8.00 PM IST to ensure maximum viewership across the world.

Usain Bolt, ran a splendid race and almost won hands down with more than couple of metres to spare. In a 100 metres race, I was really surprised to see the winner romp home with a clear lead of couple of metres. Usain Bolt, is a "Thunder" Bolt.

The same thing happened in the Women's 100 Metres sprint today with Shelly Ann. She ran her best race of her life and won the gold with couple of metres to spare.

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