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Olympics and DD Sports

This Olympics is telecast in India by our very own, DD Sports. Compared to other sport events, the coverage so far has been decent. But of course, DD can't live without creating few harakiri's.. then it wont be our DD. It was noted that after the Gold medal triumph by Abhinav Bindra, DD immediately moved on to show highlights of previous day's events. That is the importace given by DD for the first individual Gold Medal won by an Indian!!

The most glaring thing which caught my attention is the absolute lack of advertisement by DD Sports about Olympic telecast. If the Olympics is telecast by any private channel, we would have seen full page advertisements in National dailies, lot of competitions and they would ensure that they create the necessary hype. But this is totally missing in DD's case. I have not seen any advertisement from DD. I think DD is missing the real good opportunity to make some money.. but who cares.. is it my father's money??

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