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Change in the name of the blog

Actually, I was told by many people many times that my blog name is difficult to remember and advised me to change the name of the blog. I have resisted the attempts to change the name of the blog because of two reasons. One, technically not sure if just a change in name is possible without missing the already posted articles. I dont have the patience to re-load everything again. Second, as usual, sheer laziness to look for it. Lets ride it as long as it goes.

It so happened during last week that, one of my colleagues who runs couple of blogs on Cinema and Ibanking, was trying to change his blog name. I just happened to be with him at that time and found out that it was really easy to change the name. I immediately grabbed that opportunity to change the name of the blog. I have not thought of an alternate name so I thought through deeply for 2 minutes (!!) and picked up the name As an afterthought I realise that this name actually goes well.

The saga doesnt end there. When I changed the name of the blog, the old blog was made available for others to pick up. So I quickly went through the procedure of blocking the old name and posting a message that the address of my blog has changed. I dont want to miss the hundreds (!!!???) of visitors who visit my blog everyday. So here I am, with a new blog name.

PS: From the time I changed the blog name to venkysdiary from venkateswaran75, I have not posted anything. Not sure if this inactivity is something related to the change in the name!!!

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