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Radio Jockey and TV Presenter Gobinath

One of the FM Radio programmes which has caught my attention off-late is "Vanakkam Chennai" hosted by Gobinath in Radio City, 91.10. It comes every weekday between 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM. I think I have started listening more regularly because of Gobinath, the RJ for the programme. I like the way how the programme is presented by Gobinath. He talks in a very colloquial manner but at the same time with lot of sense compared to many other RJ's. He imitates Comedian Vadivelu's dialogue delivery many a times but I think that makes it easy for him to drive home the point effectively.

Gobinath is a well-known TV host as well. He conducts the "Neeya Naana" programme in Vijay TV on Sunday nights between 9.00 PM to 10.00 PM. Neeya Naana, is a programme where people take sides to discuss on a particular topic. The topics chosen so far are very broad ranging from "Do we express our love and affection properly"" to the last weeks program on "Whether Sportspersons in India have been treated properly" and also what actually stops Indian sportsperson from achieving the pinnacle. To add more spice to the programme, he brings well-known personalities relevant to the topic of discussion. Last week it was V Bhaskaran, the Captain of the Indian Hockey team which won the Olympic gold in 1980 at Moscow and an IAS officer, Christudas Gandhi, who is currently responsible for sports development in Tamilnadu.

Gobinath facilitates interesting debates on the pros and cons of various topics and seems to be well prepared for the same. He is not judgemental. He looks like a very matured person for his age and takes things in the right perspective. I like his presentation and I am regular viewer of Neeya Naana as well as a regular listener of his radio talk show Vanakkam Chennai. One good thing I have noticed is that he encourages people to speak in Tamil more often. But at times he himself talks in English or uses English words, which he could avoid.

He should expand his portfolio to include political discussions, interviews with politicians, leading sportspersons. Overall, he is an interesting RJ and talkshow host in Tamil.

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