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Government and its holidays

Tamilnadu Government has declared Sept 15, 2008 as a holiday for all Government offices, schools and colleges on account of Aringar Anna's birth centenary.  There is nothing wrong in celebrating the birth centenary of a great Tamil leader by giving a day off.  I can't really crib about why to give a day-off for Government employees.. Accepting the fact that it is their right, I cant accept the timing of the decision.

The TN Government announces that Monday would be a Government Holiday on the afternoon of Sunday.  Will they ever understand the hardship faced by common public when they declare the ad-hoc Government holidays? There are many people who travel all the way from districts to Chennai to complete the Government jobs.  But this sudden decision has thrown all their plans to awry.  

If the Government wants to celebrate Anna's birth centenary in a grand manner there is no one to object to it.  But they should plan the Government holidays in a better manner to avoid hardships to common man.  Already this Government has earned the wrath of public on various fronts and this one more thing to the list.  Jai Hind!!

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