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Problem with the Citibank credit cards and the railway reservations

The Hindu reported in its yesterday edition that Citibank credit card customers who have booked railway tickets online using the IRCTC online railway booking facility are getting their tickets cancelled by the Railways department.

Reason: Non-receipt of funds from Citibank for the tickets issued.

It is really unbelievable that a bank of such a size and stature is not able to make periodic payments to IRCTC for the tickets booked. Southern Railway sources have also confirmed that they are also facing issues with payments from Citibank for tickets issued across the counter using Citibank credit cards.

I am not sure if this is due to the difficulties faced by Citibank globally on account of huge write-offs and poor liquidity. Citibank has confirmed that they have issues with their payment systems across the country which has resulted in the non-payment of dues to IRCTC. Lots of customers for no fault of them have got their railway ticket cancelled.

If you have used your Citibank credit card to book tickets for prospective dates, it is worthwhile to check if the tickets are still valid or you may be in for a rude shock on the date of your travel.

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