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Beautiful Kathipara Flyover and the ugly water logging

Kathipara flyover, the much touted pride of Chennai has been completed couple of months back. Honestly it has reduced the traffic congestion at the Kathipara intersection from all directions. One also gets a very good feel when you drive on the flyover. It makes you feel proud that in India you find something of this sort. Of course, it had its own share of controversies and within the first few days of opening the flyover, one elderly person riding a two-wheeler went on the wrong exit and lost his life when he hit against an incoming van. That is, due to the lack of signboards and arrows in the initial days. After that, I guess Police and Highways department worked on a war-footing to install hundreds of sign-boards making things clear for the Chennai driving population. I myself was very tentative when I drove on the newly constructed flyover even after the sign-boards are set up. As you are not used to the exits and incoming traffic from various directions, I have to drive very slowly and carefully. But couple of times after my initial reluctance, I have been able to drive on the huge flyover with comfort.

But with the onset of monsoon in Chennai, the beauty of the flyover has given way to ugly face of water logging and battered approach roads. There is persistent water logging on the flyover itself in the last couple of days and I am surprised to see water logging on the flyover. The drainage system on the flyover should have been robust enough to drain down the rain water in no time when you imagine building a flyover of this proportion. But it seems that is not the case. Today morning one of colleagues told me that there is two feet water logging on the flyover!! The next issue with the flyover is the water logging on the foot of the flyover on the arterial Inner Ring Road. Four weeks back in October when we had the first spell of rains, the water started logging on the Inner Ring Road and the buildings like Olympia Tech Park and others were flooded with water of 3-5 feet at the entrance. You give the benefit of doubt to the corporation officials probably that the storm water drains were not connected properly resulting in the water logging. The trouble is when the water starts logging on the left side of the road, except for buses, no other vehicle can dare to wade through 3-5 feet of water. Cars were stuck in the water and bikes struggled to move.

But even after 4 weeks, I think Chennai Corporation has not done anything to remedy this water logging problem. The last two days of rain has resulted in water logging again near the Olympa Tech Park and on the Inner Ring Road. Pedestrians are finding it extremely difficult to cross the road or go to their office. It is high time, Chennai Corporation does work on the storm water drains before it gets out of control.

Chennai Corporation cant claim ignorance as Mayor Subramanian's office is located on this Inner Ring Road!!

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adwait said...

I agree Venkat. Kathipara is a combination of Tamil and hindi. Kathi in tamil means knife type instrument para in hindi means cross. I go over it everyday and the intersection of the criss crosses are not thought through. I will not be surprised if we have an accident or two everday.

Secondly, we have a habit of not working the project end to end. Result is that we are always have shaven !!

How about starting a [etition campaign and submit to the commissioner ??