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Enough is Enough!

No, I am not talking about the terror strike in Mumbai over the last week but about the rains in Chennai. Rains lashed Chennai over the whole of last week thanks to Cyclone Nisha. Not only Chennai, but the entire Tamil Nadu has been badly affected due to rain this year as well. Why I am saying "Enough is Enough" is becos Chennai cant take anymore rains. It is already floating and anything more would only harm the civilians. We never seems to learn from the past mistakes and do things rightly the next time.

Everybody knows that it rains during November in Chennai and Tamil Nadu and no precaution of any sort was done by this useless state Government. Due to rains there are areas in the city which gets completely cut-off, year after year, without fail. What action this Corporation or the Government has taken to alleviate the suffering of this people? There may be questions on illegal construction or unapproved layouts etc., but it is the same Corporation which has given them water connection, electricity connection and all other sort of civic amenities. Ambattur, which has large industrial units as well as many multi-national and India BPO's was flooded with water raising about upto 4 feet on all roads. This is not the first time Ambattur is getting affected. What is the follow up action after the rains? Using motor pumps to pump out water is not the solution.

Why cant we plan in advance for the rains? Cooum river was silted last year on one side of the river. It was supposed to be silted on the other side of the bank as well but nobody followed up and did it. I am sure Corporation would have spent that money and somebody would have been benefited of this cleaning operaiton, which actually never happened. Areas behind Ambattur like Mogappair, Avadi are also cut-off due to heavy water logging. Even Koyambedu bus-terminus was flooded with water and boats were used to ferry people on the arterial inner-ring road.
Who is there to care about the helpless, hapless citizen? I dont know and I am not sure if there is going to be any change in the way this water logging crisis is handled. Doling out freebies and relief is the easiest thing the ruling politicians can do. Yesterday alone in Chennai city, Rs75 lakhs has been distributed as flood relief to the victims. I am sure atleast 70% of this money would have gone to the local thugs and politicians (oh, sorry I dont have to say two different words for the same meaning!!).

May God bless Chennai!! Enough is Enough, Varuna Bhagwan. No more rains for this year, please.

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