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What is VVS Laxman's legacy?

VVS Laxman, in his latest interview to Times of India has said that he wants to be known as a person who has always played for the team under pressure situations. 

Q: What would be your legacy? 
A: I would like to be remembered as someone who always gave his best and did well for the team under pressure situations. I've relished challenges all my life and I'm very proud that I've bailed the team out not just once or twice but on several occasions. 

I dont really doubt VVS Laxman's intentions.  He has been a decent player for India for sometime now.  But I can never accept the fact that he actually plays for India rather than for personal goals.  I believe he is actually not "walking the talk" at all times.  

I have seen him play in the last India-Srilanka and the current India-Australia series.  For a layman like me with some cricketing knowledge,  his innings have always looked like he plays for his individual score more than the team's goal.  Then how you would account for the singles he takes in the first ball of the over facing Ajantha Mendis and leaves the next 5 balls to be faced by tail-enders like Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma.  He hasn't done it once or twice, but atleast 25 times in the entire series against SL.  

Even in his latest 200 against Australia, he took hell a lot of time to move from 180 to 200, when the need of the hour was quick scoring for the team's  sake when our bowlers would have had more time to take Australian wickets.  Alas, it was not the case, Laxman!!  

I have to say scoring runs at your own will and pleasure without any focus on the team's goals have been your legacy over the last many tests.. Laxman, wake up!!

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adwait said...

VVS is elegant and when he plays, he does so handsomely. I am little wary of the questions we ask that are obvious. I have my first child and someone comes asks me do I feel happy ?? The legacy VVS leaves behind has to be stated by those who remain after he leaves. They will be a better judge ! Dale Carnegie never tought us to be humble !!