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Barack Obama, new President of USA!!

Barack Obama has been today declared as the winner of the Presidential Election in USA. It is a thumping victory for Obama. I just happened to see his victory speech in Chicago which was telecast live on CNN. What a wonderful speaker he is? He spoke with lot of passion and empathy and he spoke like a true winner. Today is the day what many people wanted to see in their lifetime but couldnt.. An Afro-American being elected the first citizen of United States of America. It has symbolically ended years of discrimination and mis-trust of the blacks in America. I saw lot of blacks and coloured skin people crying when Barack Obama made the victory speech. Even Rev. Jesse Jackson who was among the rallyists was seen crying. It is truly a historic day in the history of USA and the mankind!!

I didnt follow the US Presidential campaign trail but I understand that Barack Obama has really toiled hard with a single minded dedication over the last 21 months, that is, since Feb 2007 towards this result. He started as a underdog even within Democratic party when the high-visibility Hillary Clinton was around the fray. He slowly built up his support among the working class people cutting across the racial divide. His campaign created a record of sorts for the highest campaign amount collection and he actually lent money to Hillary Clinton to pay off her debts, after she withdrew from the Democratic party race.

I earnestly believe Obama is an educated person with independent thinking capability and good execution skills who can really make a difference to USA and to other people in the world. There are cynics who feel that offshoring and outsourcing will be curtailed due to his propsed tax policies which could directly impact India. We have to wait and watch!!


Anand said...

Am quite impressed with his speech ! Quite happy that the election is over as the european media was just covering this election for weeks now ... Record money spent on the campaign !

Am actually watching his victory speech while I am reading your update ... Impressed with your quick update!

Anonymous said...
I read this one too, interesting and informative. Check out!

adwait said...

I will probably agree that it is a victory of sorts for USA but certainly not for mankind or the world. America lagged behind others in this respect and whether they like it or not have now achieved what many poor or less advanced countries achieved many years back !! In India Gods such as Shri Rama or Krishna and Kali...all blacks are worshipped !!

The analysis showed that younger lots did not care for the colour. That is a good sign for America and hope this is the beginning for them.

It is amazing how the world got sucked into US elections. Personally and I am sure many may disagree, feel that there is not much difference between the blue and the red party. US politics has more about personalities !! We can only wish Mr. Obama all the best !

Blogger said...

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